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GabSense TV - Our Mission

A few years ago we started ranking our clients on Google Page 1… in Google Places as well as on Google Search Engines for Local Page 1. We were very good at it until Google changed their algorithms this past year – challenging us to continue getting our clients on Page 1 by learning all of their new changes ASAP! Google has now decided that they favor websites that have Relevant Content. They also decided they want to be sure you are who you say you are by having Consistent Business Listings all over the Internet.

While we were testing what worked and did not work… we decided to take their already difficult challenge a few steps further. With most of the world searching the Internet to satisfy their needs and queries… we realize that prime spots on Google Page 1 are as valuable as TV spots, Newspaper Ads & Radio Spots. Yet the cost of Internet Advertising is less than pennies on the hundreds or thousands of dollars it costs to run only one time on TV, Radio or Newspaper.

Our Mission as well as our Current Success with our clients is to get your company on Page 1 of Google with MULTIPLE KEYWORDS. We all know that everyone is so busy and there is so much data overload - that it is the minority that even goes beyond Google Page 1.

We are so committed to ROI – that we gave ourselves the additional goal to get you on Google Page 1 with multiple keywords… so that… when people are searching, you come up so often, it would be a fluke if they do not click on your link!

Our number one mission is to get you found on Google Page One. But what then? You need to keep your prospect’s attention once they land on your website! So, we started building websites that actually match what your prospect’s query was.

We build you a website that is clear in 3 seconds; for ‘what you actually do’, with a user friendly navigation that allows your viewer to quickly and effectively find what they are looking for. In addition… we build attractive and ‘pleasing to view’ websites that help you stand out from your competition, as well as give your viewer an enjoyable experience.

We are an Advertising and Marketing agency, and take teamwork very seriously! We actually pick up the phone when you call, and care about your concerns as well as your objectives! It is our goal to be a part of your team for a long time to come!

While the Internet is rapidly changing, our Goal is to build you a Solid and Lasting Foundation
for Sales & Success!

Call for a free consultation.

We would love to help you expand & grow your audience to Increase Traffic, Sales & Profits!.

Gabriella Donivan

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